Lean-MES - The Data Acquisition Software.

  • Lean-MES

Lean-MES is an application that extend the functionality of Lean-MS and Lean-QS. Using Lean MES in real time, you can collect information and data from production.

Lean-MES functionality includes:

• The recording of signals from different machines and equipment,

• Registration process data (measurement of electrical, mechanical and acoustic signals),

• Visualization of data on production and the current status of the equipment in real time,

• Collection of data about the movement of the products during the manufacturing process,

• Access to the information about the product quality (faults in manufacturing),

• Data collection in research and development (eg atmospheric and technological process data),

• Preparation of reports,

• Internet access to measured data in real time,

• Integration with ERP and CAQ systems.

Benefits resulting from implementation of Lean-MES:

• Increase productivity,

• Optimization of set-up times (optimization of downtime),

• Improving the quality of products by monitoring the most important process parameters,

• Visualization of the production process (cycle time, status of the control systems),

• Improved response to emergencies in the company,

• Internet access to data from Lean-Soft's solutions via Ethernet, WiFi, DSL,

Description of some completed projects:

Data acquisition of a photovoltaic system :

- Pressure of air,

- Air temperature,

- Wind speed,

- Humidity,

- The intensity of the sunlight,

- Voltage and current of the PV generator,

Data collection of process parameters in manufacturing environment:

- Carbon monoxide CO,

- Carbon dioxide CO2,

- Sulfur dioxide SO2,

- Nitric oxide NO,

- Nitrogen dioxide, NO2,

The monitoring system of a production line:

- OEE factor,

- tact time,

- Performance,

- Downtime,

- Disturbance times.

Technical requirements :

Our clients have possibility to choose following language versions of Lean-MES:

- Polish

- English

- German

Installation requirements for Lean-MES:

Windows serwer or Linux Serwer (Ubuntu recommended),

• Measuring instruments and sensors from National Instruments or similar (cost depends on the requirements for speed, reliability and accuracy of the measurement),

• Structural networkEthernet min. 100 mbit / s or WiFi 802.11n.

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