Lean-QS - Software supports the quality management (CAQ).


Lean-QS is a comprehensive tool for computer-assisted management of quality in a company (CAQ - Computer Aided Quality).

Lean-QS is a computer software that facilitates the daily work, saves time and helps to coordinate the work of quality department.

Lean-QS has been developed since 2006 and has been used by many companies in different industries (automotive, manufacturing, electronics, energy, hygiene, services).

Lean-QS can work in network mode, i.e. each user has access to shared information (users only have access to pre-defined functions, and reports).

What areas supports Lean-QS?

• Selection and evaluation of suppliers

• Imput control (materials),

• Complaints (purchasing),

• Statistical Process Control SPC,

• Fault Management,

• Output Control,

• Customer complaints,

• Assessment of customer satisfaction,

• Management of measurement equipment (with evaluation according to MSA method),

• Documentation of monitoring (system, process, product),

• Process indicators,

• Internal Audits,

• Employees (requirements, evaluation, training),

• Meetings and other problems,

• Time schedules and project management,

• Analyses,

• Quality tools: Report 8D, PDCA, Ishikawa, 5 Why, Pareto ...,

• Other Tools: Kaizen, 5S, Safety, Environment, PFMEA, monitoring of corrective actions.

The implementation of Lean-QS can quickly bring real benefits to Your organization.

What are the main benefits can be achieved using lean-QS?

• Fast access to full information and analysis (over 800 reports, summaries and tables, export data to Ms-Excel is possible),

• Close coordination and monitoring of the implementation of corrective and preventive actions,

• Facilitate the control of corporate goals and monitoring the appropriate coordination actions,

• Increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the quality management system,

• Reduction of personnel costs, improvement of quality of manufactured products,

• Support for the process of continuous improvement within the organization,

• Standardization of work,

• Reduction of cost of internal and external training,

• Implementation of e-Documents,

• Support the implementation of quality management according to ISO / TS,

• Data security.

Technical requirements:

Language versions of the Lean-QS:

- Polish

- English

- German

- Czech

- Italian

After the translation of a word list, it is also possible to prepare a localized version of the software.

Installation requirements for Lean-QS:

Windows serwer or Linux Serwer (Ubuntu recommended),

• Workstations Windows 2000/NT, XP, Vista, 7 (32 or 64 bit),

• Structural network recommended Ethernet min. 100 Mbit/s or WiFi 802.11n,

• Databases: Firebird 2.5 or Microsoft SQL Server 2008.

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