Lean Project - comprehensive services for the implementation of Lean Management.

  • Lean-Project

Scope of Services :

• Training in the field of Lean Management, Lean game and optimization of operating costs,

• Performance optimization analysis (using tools such as MTM, VSM, REFA),

• Selection and implementation of Lean solutions for your company,

• Integration of Lean solutions, including those offered by Lean Soft:

-> Lean-MS - an integrated ERP-software

-> Lean-QS - an integrated CAQ-software

-> Lean-Transfer - Remote access to data from Lean-MS, Lean-QS and Lean-MES

-> Lean-MES - ​​Automation of data acquisition with visualization of measurement results.


In addition, our comprehensive offer scope includes all the tools and systems to support Lean Manufacturing, including:

• Production planning systems (Heijunka),

• Material supply systems in manufacturing,

• Storage racks,

• Storage boxes,

• Labels,

• Data Collector,

• Barcode reader,

• Monitoring and supervision systems in the manufacturing,

• Optimization of all processes and systems in you company acc. to Lean-Manufaturing rules.

We offer a comprehensive approach to the implementation of Lean-Manufacturing in your organization.

The above description does not constitute an offer within the meaning of commercial law.