Lean-Transfer - Internet Access Software.


Lean-Transfer is an Internet portal that extends functionality of IT solutions of Lean-Soft.

Lean-Transfer allows you to access data originating from Lean-Soft's solutions from anywhere in the world using a Web-browser (eg Internet. Explorer, Mozilla Firefox).

For the security of all data is encrypted using SSL protocol and portal access is protected by password.

Furthermore, our customers make a different decision which data is accessed via a web browser.

Lean-Transfer allows you:

• Internet access to selected data from Lean-QS,

• Internet access to selected data from Lean-MS,

• data exchange between different applications (other than Lean-Soft possible),

• Customer access to certain data from Lean-QS and / or Lean-MS,

• Updating the Portal data with a variable frequency in the range from 15 minutes to 1000 minutes.

Installation requirements for Lean-Transfer:

Apache web server, database MySql, PHP 5.0,

• Microsoft web server , database MS-SQL, Net technology,

• Software form Lean-Soft (Lean-QS, Lean-MS or Lean-MES).

The above description does not constitute an offer within the meaning of commercial law.