• Lean-MS

    Lean-MS supports and integrates the following processes in the manufacturing, service and retail companies: production / cooperation, inventory management, purchasing and controlling.

  • Lean-QS

    Lean-QS is a comprehensive tool for CAQ (Computer Aided Quality). All processes that are included in the Lean-QS, were developed in accordance with the quality standards (ISO 9000 and TS 16949).

  • Lean-CRM


    Lean-CRM is a computer software, supporting customer relationship management for small and medium businesses.

  • Lean-Project

    Lean-Project - a comprehensive offer for implementation of Lean philosophy (Lean organization).

  • Lean-Transfer

    Lean-Transfer is an IT solution that allows a Web acccess to the information from our main products Lean-MS, Lean-QS and Lean-MES.

  • Lean-MES

    Lean-MES is a comprehensive IT solution that enables the integration of ERP systems with sources of control signals and measurement data. The system enables the collection and processing of process data "on-line" and thus facilitates the monitoring of processes of production.


    LEAN-MT software supports workshop and maintenance management.