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We recommend you both proven "open source" solutions and services for creating special programs supporting various business processes.

Software on demand

Lean Soft offers services in the field of creation of special programs. Possible technologies include Delphi, PHP, JAVA, C#, HTML, CSS and databases from Firebird, MySQL, MS-SQL.

  • Transport Cost Calculator

    Transport Cost Calculator (TCC) is a very simple application. This software is used to optimize a transport costs.

    TCC is offered as "freeware". Lean-Soft is not responsible for the results of its use. We want to emphasize that we gave much effort to made it as good as possible, but each company has their own ideas in this regard.

    Click here to download theTransport Cost Calculator - 1,1 Mb

  • The simulator of a photovoltaic system

    Simulator of a photovoltaic system is a simple application that shows our potential for programming a control and measurement applications (using tools from National Instruments). The application simulates the working conditions of a photovoltaic system, depending on the load and sunlight.

    Lean soft provide PV simulator under the AGPL license and is not responsible for any results of its use. At the same time PV simulator can be used only for educational purposes (non-commercial).

    You can download PV-Simulator - 0,5 Mb -

    (For the correct operation of the simulator you need to install Labview Run-Time Engine 2011.

  • Internet consulting services

    Lean-Soft offers comprehensive support services for building the company's position in the Internet.

  • SEO Optimization

    Due to the fact that more and more business transactions were concluded on the electronic media, therefore every investment aiming to improve a company's image in the World Wide Web can determine the success of every business. Lean-Soft offers a comprehensive range of actions in order to improve the company's image on the internet.

    SEO analysis - enables the evaluation of a web page's source code - SEO analyzer.

    Website analysis - enables the evaluation of a content and the position of a website in the internet - Website analyzer.